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“Not many people have done that!”

(To misquote Michael Caine)

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The ‘Father’ of British Best-Selling Novelists.


(His first bestseller published in 1956)

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John Hollands signed his first publishers contract when still only 20 years old. Now, sixty years on, he has taken the plunge into E-books. Five of his top novels are now available on Kindle, Kobo etc. Among them his first book, The Dead, the Dying and the Damned, which was an immediate best-seller and has sold more than 3 million copies.

Now in his 82nd year, John Hollands is currently working on what he is confident will be his best-ever novel. The title is:

“Jones (617)

The Man Who Shot

Siegfried Sassoon”

As this title suggests the book presents a solution to the most intriguing and puzzling incident in the Great War: why Siegfried Sassoon, the acclaimed poet and hero, made his treasonable appeal to our troops to lay down their arms and thereby surrender to the Germans. Even more mysterious was why he was not court-martialled. He received no punishment until he was shot by one of his men, Jones (617). Was it personal, or the act of a patriot?

Hollands sticks as far as possible to the known facts but he also draws on new material about Sassoon’s military service. He reveals his unexpected meeting in 1961 with The Royal Welch Fusiliers ex RSM ‘Kyber’ Morgan. He in turn introduced Hollands to Jones (617), and several other veterans of the Fusiliers who served under Sassoon and knew exactly what happened.

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