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John Hollands

The War Poems of a Young Soldier “Unique, harrowing and brilliant.” :Sir Christopher Ondaatje

About the author

From an early age, John Hollands was determined to become a novelist. His father -- an eccentric -- encouraged him, but told him that to succeed he would have to devote his entire life to it and nothing else: that it was a vocation that would come to control his life. Everything he did would have to be regarded as another experience to be used in a novel.

Hence John Hollands’s extraordinary exiting life. Now over 80 years, he still hasn’t slowed down and writes every day, with his plots always centred on his real life experiences.

World-wide travel has always been a passion, especially what he calls proper travel, ie  not just flying from one country to another, but going places the hard way and experiencing the world at ground level, getting to know the locals. Having gone to most corners of the globe, he now concentrates on visits to the far east and Australia, his favourite country.

Throughout his life John Hollands has ben a keen sportsman. He was once offered the chance to become a professional cricketer but turned it down, being far too determined to be a novelist. However, somewhat surprisingly, he did find time to get married and raise a family of two sons. He now lives in Tenerife, and is as deaf as a post due to a friendly-fire incident in Korea, full details of which have been told in Heroes of the Hook.