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John Hollands

The Gospel According to Uncle Jimmy “The funniest book of it’s type I’ve read.” :Dr. Desmond Flower

The Gospel According to Uncle Jimmy

After the success of The Dead The Dying and the Damned, John Hollands went in search of fresh material. He bought a 150cc Lambretta motor scooter and set off on a trip round the world. When he returned, three years later, having covered over 25,000 miles, he had unearthed plenty of material. Instead of writing a conventional travelogue he produced a satirical novel, based on his experiences. Whilst in Australia he took many jobs: a tree-faller in Western Australia; a gold miner at Kalgoorlie; and then across the Nullarbor Desert with summer temperatures well over 100 degrees. Other jobs followed in Eastern Australia before John eventually returned to the UK via America and the South Seas. The eminent publisher, Dr. Desmond Flower, described it as the funniest book of its type he had ever read. It went on to be another best-seller and the film rights were bought by the Actor Neil McCullam and film producer Jack Parsons.

The Exposed

Many consider The Exposed to be John Hollands’s best novel. Certainly it is the most unusual. It is a romance set in postwar Japan. The story centres around a young British National Service officer and a beautiful Japanese girl. The novel is rich with humour, yet also manages to be highly dramatic and sad, and deals with the vexed subject of Anglo Japanese relations with an inspiring conclusion. Over 30,000 copies were sold in hardback. Literary agents are reputed to be hard to please, but three different ones described it thus: “Marvellous characters. Its a super piece of work.” And “Katsumi (the Japanese heroine) is just amazing!” And finally “Katsumi is, of course, wonderful. First class!”

This novel has 100% Five Star rating from Amazon critics.

The Court-Martial

Published by Robert Hale in 2009, the author returns to Korea for this dramatic novel. It carries on the story told in The Exposed and brims over with memorable characters, especially villains. This is a novel for those who revel in the pungent smell of cordite and it features one of the most unusual and intriguing court cases ever depicted. There is, at the end, a touch of irony which has been described as, ‘The true touch of a master novelist’.


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